50 Thoughts I Have in LA Traffic

  1. Alright, we have to take the 405. 
  2. Mark Hoppus would laugh at me.
  3. Why does LA have so much traffic? 
  4. I will literally die here.
  5. How does traffic even happen?
  6. Theoretically, if we all go the same speed then there should be no traffic. 
  7. Of course, we don't all go the same speed.
  8. What if the freeway was just a giant conveyor belt?
  9. Going the correct speed?
  10. How would you merge thou-
  11. Can you stay in your lane please?!
  12. My lane is going no faster.
  13. Also, you could use your blinker.
  14. Oh, you're a Prius.
  15. I forgot that gave you more privileges.
  16. This song is on the radio every 5 minutes.
  17. The worst part is that it will be stuck in my head all day because I literally only know four words.
  18. And the title is one of them.
  19. I could turn my music on but then I'd have to connect to the Bluetooth.
  20. That's just too much right now.
  21. Why is it 103 degrees?
  22. Why don't people believe in global warming?
  23. I'm not sure if this is an example of global warming.
  24. Regardless, why don't they?
  25. There is evidence?
  26. Of course, some people still believe chocolate milk is made by brown cows.
  27. I wonder how many more superhero movies there will be. 
  28. I guess they could keep going forever.
  29. That's ridiculous. 
  30. I could ask the same thing about this traffic.
  31. There is literally so much space in front of you.
  32. Why? 
  33. I can't wait to be back in Boston.
  34. I can read on the T and walk most places.
  35. I could really go for a cannoli from Mike's.
  36. Why do we want the things we can't have?
  37. Here it is again.
  38. 🎶 despacito .... 🎶 
  39. Maybe one day I'll google what they're saying.
  40. Probably not.
  41. I wonder if Natalie Portman thinks that she looks like Keira Knightly.
  42. Or would Keira Knightly think that she looks like Natalie Portman? 
  43. Who's older?
  44. Oh good, we're going a rousing 30 miles an hour.
  45. Why why why
  46. LA is awful
  47. Driving is awful
  48. Traffic is awful 
  49. Why do I do this?
  50. At least Despacito is on again