Wanderlust Creamery: Valar Morghulis

me @ ice cream

me @ ice cream

Hello friends,

Okay, so my friend, Jess, is coming to visit next month. We have an itinerary in the form of a Google Doc, on which, Jess listed Wanderlust Creamery as a place she wanted to try. I, of course, had no idea what that was so I googled it and it turns out I live up the street from it (crazy).  Parker and I are big fans of ice cream but what made this place a MUST GO NOW was their seasonal Game of Cones flavors in honor of the season premiere.  

In case you haven't been around for awhile, I binge watched Game of Thrones last Christmas break and now I'm a devout Targaryen. Anyway, Wanderlust Creamery had a few different GoT flavors (see image). I chose to try Winter is Coming which is inspired by Winterfell (all of the flavors at the creamery are inspired by a geographic location). It has honey caramel and probably the most delicious thing I've ever tried. Parker got Dragon Glass and loved how rich it was. 

Basically,  Wanderlust is a must go to for anyone who 1) likes ice cream 2) loves Game of Thrones 3) likes things with weird ingredients. If you meet one or all of those criteria then definitely stop by. Keep in mind that the Game of Thrones flavors end at the end of July, so get it while you can!

Thanks for reading!

With love,