You can take the girl out of California...: Trying New Things, A Saga

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It has been literal months since I have written anything, but to be fair I have been pretty busy. I just finished my applications for Ph.D. programs, my jobs have been extra demanding, and I needed to cut something out temporarily, so this had to be it, unfortunately. I have some more time now though and tons of new things to write about. These topics include

Actual conversation with Jess Beal

Actual conversation with Jess Beal

Anyway, for today's topic, Jess suggested (okay more like demanded persuasively) that I write about the fact that I have started to do and, mainly, eat and drink things that I swore I would absolutely hate. Honestly, I am probably the biggest hypocrite I know but whatever. So here are the things that I irritatingly swore I would hate but now love (it should be noted that these are all things Jess said I would like and I vehemently disagreed with initially). 

  1. QUINOA - I didn't think I would like quinoa solely based on how it looked cooked. I'm still not fully on board with the texture of quinoa but I would gladly and readily substitute any grain for quinoa.  
  2. ACAI SMOOTHIE BOWLS - These have become staple breakfast food for Parker and I. Get this, we eat mason jars because that is literally how basic we are. I'm not sure why I was against them to begin with -- to be clear I mean smoothie bowls, not mason jars. I love smoothies, so I think I was just being annoying. I'll be posting some of our favorite acai bowls receipes later in the week so stay tuned for that!
  3. SELTZER - Okay, I love seltzer and I have no excuse for why I judged it so hard. I was young and naive. I am so sorry, Jessica. 
  4. EXERCISE - I've been going to the gym on and off for the past three years and then if you recall I got really into blogilates last February, but I kind of fell off the wagon. Recently, I've noticed that I am much more tired on days I don't work out, so I have realized how important it is to really stick to a workout or at least working out regularly. 
  5. SWEETGREEN - Jess has been trying to get me to go to SweetGreen since the dawn of time. Alright, so maybe just last semester. The point is, I tried this in September with our new lab's new postdoc, Tashauna, and absolutely loved it. My go to is the Kale Caesar sans parmesan crisps with cilantro and goat cheese or the Guacamole Greens. Highly recommend. 

So what have these experiences taught me? To listen to Jess? No. But maybe to be more open to trying things that people I spend a lot of my time with recommend. I recommend things to you guys all the time, so would that just be super hypocritical of me not to also try other people's recommendations. Conversely, let's also not forget that I am, indeed, a giant hypocrite. 

With love,